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you love

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You feel that life is controlling you, rather than you being in charge. 

But working harder only gives you more stress and unfulfillment 


You are a professional, and a strong analytical thinker.

But you encountered an impactful event at work, in relationships, or in health


You know there should be something better to life 

But you have no idea how that would look like


Well, I had the same. And due to my wake-up call,

I am now a recovering analytic


Living the carefree life I choose  

 And I want to inspire you to do the same


Are you ready? 


To raise your awareness on the possibilities there are

To take back control over your life and to increase your energy


To live your life according to your values with time for your passions.

To find like-minded people and provide your unique value to the world.


…To build the life and business you love!…  


Welcome to the lifestyle of a recovering analytic

My mission is to help analytical thinkers to raise their awareness and living their best lives through personal development and leadership



The online education we offer provides all the tools to grow the skills and the mindset to build a life and business you love. Our courses, membership and programs offer a step-by-step education and journey unlike anything else in the digital marketing space. This education can help you to start a business from scratch or help you expand you current business. The exclusive private community of like-minded people is unique and are supporting your journey in every aspect of it.

Earn while you learn

The business system we offer makes it possible to earn money while you are learning. This is irrespective of whether you start from scratch, without business idea or existing products, or whether you have already your own ideas. We offer solutions with affiliate marketing and e-commerce where you can make money online while implementing all the steps the education offers.

Sharing stories

Sharing stories and experiences in life can be extremely powerful for your own development. And it might help and inspire others to overcome the fears and limiting beliefs that keep them away from living the life they truly desire.

By sharing my story on this website in my blogs and as free download, I want to show you that it possible for everyone to change their lives.

project is under development where I will collect stories of others. Please contact me if you are interested to learn more.

Find your Passion

Do what you love to do!

Whether it is being outdoors, traveling, singing or dancing, doing what you love will increase your energy. And this will make you happy in the NOW! 

Get support when you need it!

You do not need to do it alone. Find like-minded people that support you. Believe me, they are out there. And they help you raise your energy!

Live your Purpose

What do you offer to the world?

One of the best ways to get fulfillment is  through giving. All of us have something unique to share with the world, bring in what you are good at and enjoy doing!

Be yourself and respect your values!

Characteristics like integrity, empathy, honesty, and determination are positive values. Make sure you align with your values in your professional and private life!

Learn how to profit 

A vision to create wealth! 

With the right vehicle, you can live your passions and deliver purpose, while getting paid for it. It needs courage to take this step, but you are worth it!

Educate yourself!

Take the next step and develop yourself. Read, mastermind or follow online education to grow. You are the only one who can take control and shape your own FUTURE!

My most recent blog

Is being vulnerable worth it?

Think of yourself as being vulnerable when sharing how you feel. Do you see this as a weakness? Most people do. Now think of someone else being vulnerable. One example, someone asking for help. Or people sharing their stories on stage, like in TED talks. Most likely...

Take control of how you respond: quote

When you can’t control what’s happening, challenge yourself to control how you respond to what’s happening. That’s where your power is.

Coming soon: Masterclass Let Go and Take Back Control

When you don't let your overanalyzing brain run wild, it is amazing how much more you can enjoy life! What if I told you that it is possible? Would you like to find more balance between your body, heart, and brain, and live a life with less anxiety and fears? Then I...

How to release fear and anxiety

Sometimes our minds go running wild about possible negative things that might happen in the future. And when we have a certain vision for what we want to achieve, anxious feelings about negative outcomes might be paralyzing you in getting things done. This blog is...

How to recognize triggers that cause distress: self-awareness

Awareness is the knowledge or perception of a situation. Self-awareness is your ability to be mindful of what you are doing and understand why you are doing it. Life is often hectic. And it can get in the way of really paying attention to yourself. To observe your...

Three myths about stress

Stress has nothing to do with how many hours you work. It has all to do with how you feel during these hours. And whether you are truly doing what you love!   This blog is about three myths about stress at work. Myth 1: Stress at work is natural. It means you are...

Your new life is going to cost you your old one

This poem summarizes quite well my journey that started last year. And my fears. To transform from an analytical thinker after an awakening process. Embracing my intuition, emotions, and accepting that there is more to life than just what can be seen with our own...

Survey for the analytical thinker

If you are an analytical thinker, would you mind taking a couple of minutes to fill out my survey? I’m going to be creating a free training in the next couple weeks and want to make sure I cover any and all challenges or questions people who feel that they might be...

Journey of a recovering analytic: now on Instagram

Since I started my sabbatical leave, I am posting every day on Instagram about my adventures. Please have a look and follow me if you are interested in how the journey of a recovering analytic unfolds!

When your head rules over your heart: the analytical thinker

Do you let your head make most of your decisions, or do you listen to your heart? Or are you looking for some more peace of mind in your daily life? This blog is for analytical thinkers. How I define them, with their strengths and their pitfalls. And suggestions on...

Masterclass Let Go and Take Back Control

More and more, I see and hear people that are stuck in their heads. People that struggle, work very hard and face stress. Achieving a goal gives only short time satisfaction. Soon, the rat race starts all over. Leaving them unfulfilled. Their analytical mind has...

What writing my life story brought me

Traveling alone gives you a lot of time for reflection. To ask yourself questions that remained unanswered for a long time. Not because I did not ask them. But I had just too much fear to look really deep inside for the answers. Now I was ready to take the next step....

On adventure: letting go

My sabbatical leave started a week ago. I am traveling for 5 days now. Biking through Poland, Germany, and Austria. And for the first time in probably 20 years: all by myself. What did it bring me so far: 1. Freedom. I have the complete freedom to go anywhere I like...

Analytical thinker – but not now

It has been a while that I posted here. The reason was that I was finishing my work for the university before going on sabbatical leave! Analytical thinker taking time off her mind As of today, I have no obligations for my current job for the next 3,5 months. Now it...

Create (self) awareness: ask what, not why

Many recent conversations with friends and colleagues triggered me to write about awareness. I apparently attract a topic that I love to talk about. Or more and more people are becoming aware of what triggers them. And start realizing how these internal or external...

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