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You feel that life is controlling you, rather than you being in charge. 

But working harder only gives you more stress and unfulfillment 


You are a professional, and you might have a strong analytical mind.

But you might encounter things that cannot be always explained by rational thinking


You have a feeling that there should be something better to life 

But you have no idea how that would look like


Well, I had the same. But I got a wake-up call.

And I am now a recovering analytic


Living the life I choose 

 And I want to inspire you to do the same


Are you ready? 


To raise your awareness on the possibilities there are

To take back control over your life and to increase your energy


To live your life according to your values with time for your passions.

To find like-minded people and provide your unique value to the world.


…To build the life and business you love!…  


Welcome to the lifestyle of a recovering analytic

My mission is to help people living their best lives through raising their awareness by personal development and leadership



The online education we offer provides all the tools to grow the skills and the mindset to build a life and business you love. Our courses, membership and programs offer a step-by-step education and journey unlike anything else in the digital marketing space. This education can help you to start a business from scratch or help you expand you current business. The exclusive private community of like-minded people is unique and are supporting your journey in every aspect of it.

Earn while you learn

The business system we offer makes it possible to earn money while you are learning. This is irrespective of whether you start from scratch, without business idea or existing products, or whether you have already your own ideas. We offer solutions with affiliate marketing and e-commerce where you can make money online while implementing all the steps the education offers.

Sharing your story

 Sharing your story and experiences in life can be extremely powerful for your own development. And it might help and inspire others to overcome the fears and limiting beliefs that keep them away from living the life they truly desire.

By sharing my story on this website in my blogs, I want to show you that it possible for everyone to change their lives.

project is under development where I will collect stories of others. Please contact me if you are interested to learn more.

Find your Passion

Do what you love to do!

Whether it is being outdoors, traveling, singing or dancing, doing what you love will increase your energy. And this will make you happy in the NOW! 

Get support when you need it!

You do not need to do it alone. Find like-minded people that support you. Believe me, they are out there. And they help you raise your energy!

Live your Purpose

What do you offer to the world?

One of the best ways to get fulfillment is  through giving. All of us have something unique to share with the world, bring in what you are good at and enjoy doing!

Be yourself and respect your values!

Characteristics like integrity, empathy, honesty, and determination are positive values. Make sure you align with your values in your professional and private life!

Learn how to profit 

A vision to create wealth! 

With the right vehicle, you can live your passions and deliver purpose, while getting paid for it. It needs courage to take this step, but you are worth it!

Educate yourself!

Take the next step and develop yourself. Read, mastermind or follow online education to grow. You are the only one who can take control and shape your own FUTURE!

My most recent blog

Do you have a choice?

We often act on autopilot. And respond the way we always did. Often we say ‘I have no choice’. But is this true? The illusion of having no choice. The statement that we have no choice can mean different things. 1. I have no choice because I cannot control the...

Letting go: inspiration from a poem of Nelson Mandela

Today is full moon (Aug 15). And full moon is about releasing the things you do not need anymore. Nelson Mandela wrote a beautiful poem about it. Letting Go Letting go takes love To let go doesn’t mean to stop caring, it means I can’t do it for someone else. To let go...

How to be resourceful

Resourcefulness is about how to get the information and results that you want. How to be resourceful to overcome the challenges you will face when you have a goal in mind? Some of us will freeze when they hit roadblocks. They hold others responsible to find solutions....

Inspiration from a spiritual life coach: Landria Onkka

Landria Onkka is a spiritual life coach. And the award-winning author of the best seller 'The Rooftop Christmas Tree', which was turned into a television movie. Landria's journey Before, Landria Onkka was working in the investment banking industry. Earning good money,...

Inspiration from Vishen Lakhiani – founder of Mindvalley

One of the most inspiring persons I came across since I started this journey is Vishen Lakhiani, founder of MindValley.  Vishen is: “on a mission to raise human consciousness. I founded Mindvalley with the goal of bringing together the world’s top educators under...

What is your story that is worth being told?

One day baby, we'll be old Oh baby, we'll be old And think of all the stories that we could have told This song keeps on popping in my head the last days. It reminds me that it is never too late to share your story. I believe everyone has a story that is...

Inspiration from Mel Robbins: the 5-second rule

Another episode in my series of inspiring persons: Mel Robbins (previous: Jay Shetty) Mel is the international best-selling author of The 5 Second Rule (a #1 audiobook in the world). And the most-booked female speaker! Stop thinking, start moving. All...

Who are you inspired by? Jay Shetty’s golden nugget

Today I got some great wisdom from a video I watched. It took it from an interview of Jay Shetty by Vishen Lakhiani, founder of Mindvalley. You can find the video here. And after watching I decided to start a new series of blogs. Coming weeks I will post -every...

What is more dangerous, routine or adventure?

Last weekend I took my niece for a weekend trip to Croatia. Nothing too excited for me. As an adult living in the Netherlands, travel is part of my lifestyle. But for her, it was a whole set of new experiences. First time in an airplane. And the first time seeing...

It’s your choice: how you react makes how you feel

Do you let the world determine how you feel or do you take control of your own well being? This video blog post aims at giving you inspiration on how to positively influence how you feel. I shot this video to show you how I responded in a situation that was out of my...

Are you compromising or betraying yourself?

      Last week, I met one of my friends who is in the awakening process.       Awakening to the truth he really is. Finding the difference between compromising and betraying himself.       And that made me think and feel...

Extraordinary minds: when you find inner peace

Extraordinary minds do not need to seek validation from outside opinion or through the attainment of goals. Instead, they are truly at peace with themselves and the world around them. They live fearlessly - immune to criticism or praise and fueled by their own inner...

How to increase self-reliance and trust yourself

What do you do to discover your inner resources? And to increase the trust in yourself? Self-reliance as principle hit me again after last weekend. I was at a festival based on the principles of Burning Man. And self-reliance is one of these 10 principles. When I...

How I came about burning man

Just some quotes that I heard and read about Burning Man that resonated: Burning man collapses the borders that keep us apartReach out to each other and speak from the heartConnection to others Burning man Are you familiar with Burning Man? And its principles? Burning...

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