About me

Hi, I am Hélène Verheije. Thanks for stopping by at my personal site to learn more about me and my journey.


My Background

My home is in the Netherlands, where I work in academia as scientific researcher and biologist.

I live in a nice house together with my cat, and I have chickens, goats and a pig in the garden. I love my vegetable garden,  the fruit trees, and my greenhouse.

I value a healthy life style, eating mostly fresh home made meals, love to cook, and bake my own bread. I am a cyclist and a yoga practitioner.

How it was

I have always been an analytic person, living in my head. This provided me security and structure. I wanted to proof myself, for myself and the world around me. What I did not realize was that I let “life” control me.

The Transformation

I got a wake-up call when I met my stepbrother, at the age of 44. He made me realize that there is more to life than just one’s mind.

This awakening turned my life into a rollercoaster of awareness. At first, my head was not providing answers to the things that happened. It felt as if I was losing “control”, as the structure that always provided me the basis had crumbled. I felt alone, and an outsider.

When I realized that my work was not aligned with my personal integrity, I got more and more stressed. Realizing the amount of work I had put into my academic career made me feel scared to even think of losing that. But it was not aligned with my personal values anymore and it was draining my energy.


What Changed It

One evening I was baking muffins in the kitchen. I suddenly realized I was jumping up and down with joy. I was finally FEELING happy, and it had nothing to do with KNOWING. I realized that “I have the control over my own life” . It was one another moment in life where my eyes were opened, but it only happened when I truly let my feelings in.


Helene cycling in the mountains

Helene living one of her passions


I Had To Take Action

I just had no choice, but to take action. I started to look for opportunities to develop myself. To learn new things, to find like-minded people, and to follow my passions. And the journey was not easy, but taught me extremely valuable lessons. And with each step I took, my energy raised and I got more clarity on my journey and my mission.

My Lessons

I learned that the power to change resides within each of us, but it is you who has to take action. This can be scary, yes, but if you take it step by step, you can raise your energy and live a life that you truly love by becoming YOU version 2.0. Become a recovering analytic. 

People with a similar mindset were essential for me during my journey. I was fortunate to find those people in an education system that taught me how to start building an online business.

And now I want to inspire others. And show that if you take control of your own situation, you can start living the life you love.

My Website

My website is based on my story. My mission is to help moving people into higher awareness through integrity, personal development and leadership. I hope to inspire all of you to live a life that you love and support you on your journey!

I get paid as consultant by recommending products and services I trust and use from other companies.