Do you let your head make most of your decisions, or do you listen to your heart? Or are you looking for some more peace of mind in your daily life?

This blog is for analytical thinkers. How I define them, with their strengths and their pitfalls. And suggestions on how you can start listening to your heart when you are stuck in your mind.

What are analytical thinkers

Analytical thinkers are also called left-brain thinkers or logical thinkers. Their head rules their heart. They are held by logic and like to make their decisions based on facts and principles.

In contrast, there are intuitive thinkers. Those ruled by their hearts give more importance to your values, feelings, and intuition.

Characteristics and pitfalls*

*note: this is my personal perspective, this list is by far not complete nor is it fully applicable to everyone, as we are all unique individuals

Analytical thinkers like structure, prefer mathematics and science over arts and creativity. They are often down to earth and straight (direct) in talking. They are curious, want to gain understanding till mastering a subject.

A big pitfall of the analytical thinker is the tendency to overthink. This makes them slow in making decisions or might lead to procrastination as they might become overwhelmed. They are creatures of habit and have difficulties to go with the flow. For them, it is difficult to enjoy the moment. And they are often loners as they have difficulty connecting to others.

Possible consequences of being stuck in your mind

When you work very hard, and never feel you know enough, you will experience stress. Or even find yourself facing burnout. Your batteries do not recharge, as you have difficulties enjoying the moment. But so often we do not notice this, as we have not learned to listen to body signals or the attached emotions.

Some of us get a wake-up call. An impactful event in your life, like illness, death of a beloved one, a conflict at work, or a burn-out. When this temporarily knocks out your left brain, you might find yourself completely lost. As you start feeling emotions which are difficult for you to deal with. Although extremely painful, it might be just the trigger you needed to start finding a better balance between your brain and your heart. And live a more fulfilling life.

Open your heart

How can you find more balance between ratio and intuition?

Here are just a few tips that helped me to increase listening to my intuition after I experienced a wake-up call.

1. Do something you truly love, something you are passionate about, with your full attention. Whether it is a hobby, spending time with your loved ones, or sports, do it mindfully. Ideally, take a moment for this every day, no matter how busy you are.

2. Start braking the pattern of thinking by doing something with your hands. This can be anything creative like making art, but also things like baking bread or working in the garden.

3. Sit in the moment, for example during meditation, just focus on your breath. Start noticing how you feel. Just feel what passes by, try not to analyze, but just accept that it is there without changing it.

What it brought me

A better heart-mind connection brought me a lot of peace. I can now enjoy the moment. Of course the pleasant experiences, but I also learned to accept unpleasant ones as they might be there to teach us.

I find it much easier to make decisions that I feel are good for me. Stress levels reduced considerably, and it is easier to connect to others as I have trust in myself.

Finding the connection between mind and heart was not an easy process though…but it was so worth it! And if I could do it, you can do it too if you truly want it.

Do you have more tips to find a balance between your analytical mind and your heart? Please let me know in the reactions!