Out of alignment

Have you ever felt that you are out of alignment in your work? That you are an ambitious professional, but struggle with the level of competitiveness, limited support, and recognition of your values?

That’s how I felt last year. Till I found an online community that supported me in every possible way to build a life and business that I love!


My story

While working as a scientist at the university I have always been very dedicated. I love doing research. But ordinary life in science is highly competitive, with personal grants and awards. This often results in an ego/power-driven mentality of competition, rather than cooperation.

This made me feel that I was never good enough. I started to work harder, and became ego-driven, fighting for my own position. I climbed the corporate latter, thinking that that was the way to increase the level of appreciation. But the competitiveness only increased.


What changed everything

This was when I realized that I would not get the support at work when I needed it the most, from the people that mattered most:

Last summer, someone tried to manipulate me with ego-driven rules for how to perform research. His competition-based statements hurt me to the core, as I believe the only way science can provide the best for the world is through collaboration.

My superior did not take an official stand to support me, and many others told me that I should just ignore and keep on working in my own ego-field.

I felt like an outsider

This was painful as I realized that I was alone, an outsider. And that I was not living life according to my values.

But when I was thinking about all the effort and hard work I put into reaching the position I have now, I was extremely reluctant to even consider doing anything else for a living.


When I found my tribe

Picture of me with SFM mentors Stuart, Justin, and Alex

Momentum day 2019: meeting SFM mentors Justin, Stuart and Alex

An advertisement during a google search led me to a free video series about a system that provides digital education to start building a life and business that you love.

But much better, there I found a community of like-minded people! Mentors and an online community teaching you every step it takes to build a business and provide you incredible support on this journey. They share my values, and have a mindset of abundance. And they are great people!

I feel empowered now!


Find your support

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P.S. You are not alone, you have found your tribe!