Last week, I met one of my friends who is in the awakening process.




Awakening to the truth he really is. Finding the difference between compromising and betraying himself.




And that made me think and feel back the experiences after my wake-up call last year.




And how confusing and scary everything is if you are in the middle of it.




At some point, you might also face a wake-up call.




The situations can be numerous. Like having an accident, giving birth, loss of a loved one, meeting somebody special. They have in common that they pretty overwhelming (ok, understatement…), and kick you off your feet.




Remember that this situation is there to wake the sleeper, to open his/her eyes. But it is the sleeper himself/herself who takes the decision whether to wake up or not. As waking up might be very scary.




What happens




You have this wake-up call, you open your eyes. You feel that something is different from yesterday. That you see the world suddenly from a different perspective.




blog compromise or betrayal





The difference between compromise and betrayal




You might start looking at all the sacrifices you made. Sacrifices you once believed were compromises. Out of love for others, a partner, a family member.




But now it hits you that you actually might have been betraying yourself. Realizing that forgot who you truly are.




When you decide to really open your eyes, you have to face yourself. Who you really are. What you really want. Decipher the important things in life.




All that was hiding so well deep inside you now start surfacing. And this is painful and tiring.






Your path




And in addition to your own struggles, you have to face the fear of what others think of you when you will start to make different choices.




People find you egoistic. They don’t understand what is going on. And – if you were in such a deep coma as I was – you don’t understand yourself what is happening.




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Follow your path




Fortunately for my friend, he is strong, self-confident and has a lot of love to give to others.




He ‘only’ has to find back what is important to him. And he jumped in, with confidence, uncertain of the outcome but fully certain that he needed to follow his path.





My advice


I can only support him, and give him the advice I got during that period, to give it time. This is a process, a path you follow without clear destination.




Don’t make any overnight harsh decisions, but just start feeling and live in the moment.




This advice once helped me tremendously, and I hope that it gives him strength during his journey. I am happy that I could pass on that advise to my friend.




Over the course of one year, my life changed considerably. Yes, I lost people. But I got so much back, most importantly inner peace and happiness.




And many beautiful situations and people entered my life. I can honestly say that life is so much more beautiful on the other side.




I am fully confident that my friend will get there, and find himself back. Whatever that might bring him.




Do you have any advice for someone wakening up? I would love to hear it in the comments below!