Here are 5 Essential Daily Visualization Exercises From Master Energy Healer Jeffrey Allen

In the infographic below you find 5 energy visualisations.

These are exercises to increase your energy. And recommendations for the most common everyday problems.

Given by Jeffrey Allen, also known as “The Healers’ Healer,”  on the website of Mindvalley.

Visualisation is very effective in creating major life changes. It’s used by psychologists, life coaches, and even monks.

There is a visualisation you can do for just about anything you want to achieve.

Want to be more creative, focused, confident, or clear about your future? This infographic below gives you exercises to increase your energy.

Use these essential tips to go in life where you want to be!

Infographic essential visualisation exercises Mindvalley

Infographic essential visualisation exercises of Mindvalley, shared with permission










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