Did you choose a profession that leaves you with no passion?

Did you lose fulfilment despite working extremely hard to reach the position where you are at?

The answer comes down to WHY


When you are unmotivated you often don’t have a WHY that resonates with you.

This can relate to wealth, health, relationships, and jobs. It can be about anything.

But the bottom line is you have to have a why to move you forward in the direction you want.

Find your motivation. Find the reason for why you want to do what you’re thinking of doing.

book of passion

How does your ideal day look like – what are your passions?

Get yourself moving

Do you have a clear idea of how your ideal day would look like? What are your passions?

Ask yourself then WHY that what you want is important.

For example, why is financial freedom important for you? Why is time freedom important to you? Why is geographical freedom important to you?

The biggest motivator is why, and if you have a big enough why, everything can happen!

Find your motivation = finding your why

This has two sides:

  1. You: What is this doing for you? Why for you?
  2. Bigger than you: What is it doing for others? For your community, your country, your team, your office or business, etc.

How to find your why: 

This FREE masterclass on Passions, Purpose, and Profits is a great way to find your motivation! It helped me to define: 

     My personal why

My journey started when I realised I wanted more time freedom to live my passions. But I always worked extremely hard to get the position where I am at now. And I was terrified to even think of leaving that behind. Let alone facing the fears of being judged, not having the skills, or failure…

Till I figured out my personal why by following this masterclass of T. Harv Eker. Then, I realised that I want to continuously develop myself and be surrounded by positive energy. And what was holding me back was the competitive, ego-driven, environment of my job.

My why to help others

One of the biggest drivers in my job is to solve problems scientifically. In my case problems of animals through understanding infections and developing new vaccines. But while I believe I am good in my job, I kept on feeling that I have more value to give. To people.

During my journey I started believing that everyone has a purpose in life. And by finding my biggest why, my motivation, I found that purpose. And I did this in the Masterclass on Passion, Purpose, and Profit.





I now know that I can help others develop themselves by teaching them qualities like leadership and integrity, and lead by example.

This caused a HUGE shift in mindset. My motivation is back now. In my job by focussing on showing leadership and integrity and work with a positive mindset. And by setting up my own business, to be able to reach out and provide higher awareness to those that are stuck in a job that does not bring them fulfilment!

In summary


If you have the why for yourself and the why to help others/the world, you’ll be motivated.

And without a why, you will be unmotivated. That’s basically it!

So the question is, what is your why?

Follow this FREE masterclass of T. Harv Eker to find your purpose and get your motivation back !

Why do you do what you do? Why do you want to be successful?

Why do you want great relationships? Why do you want freedom?

Leave me a comment below, I would love to hear from you!