Resourcefulness is about how to get the information and results that you want.

How to be resourceful to overcome the challenges you will face when you have a goal in mind?

Some of us will freeze when they hit roadblocks. They hold others responsible to find solutions. They have fears that they cannot do it and stop taking action.

But you need to take action to change the situation. To learn, to grow, to take responsibility for working your way to getting what you want. And by doing so, you will grow the right mindset to achieve anything.

Resourcefulness = Necessity + Creativity + Persistence


The necessity is when you think about how badly you want to solve the problem. If you don’t do it, nothing will change. This is your choice, fine, but don’t complain that you stay in the same situation.

But if you feel the need to change something deep down, you will have to be accountable for taking action.


Creativity comes into place when you decided you want to solve the problem. First and foremost, find resources. Whether it is mentors or trainers. People who have achieved what you want to achieve. Or who are at the same path you are on, but just a few steps ahead.

Start searching online, in this digital world solutions to almost any problem can be found on the internet. Learn as much as you can, find the right resources to get information from.

This can be overwhelming, but remember to breathe and take it one step at the time. Every step brings you closer to a solution. Be creative and learn.


Finally, be persistent. Take action every day. Sometimes this will get you out of your comfort zone. But remember, this is the place where you grow.

One step ahead
One step ahead

Don’t be afraid to bump into new challenges, because they inherently come. And you have to face those as well, again taking a step forward if you use your determination to solve the problem.

As your resourcefulness grows, you build a different attitude. And then this happens…

What happens if you are resourceful in the long run?

1.       You gain confidence> no matter what, you know, feel, believe that you will solve the problem. And you will reach the end goal, no matter how the road will wind

2.       You gain clarity> you start to grasp the steps of the process that are involved in reaching your goals. The overwhelm gets less and less, and you are let by the process, not by the outcome.

3.       You help others> suddenly you get into the position whether you help others solving their problems. And you can help them, as they are just a few steps behind you in the journey.

My experience

I don’t know whether it works for everybody the same, but here’s my experience. Using my journey into building a digital business as an example.

I started out without any knowledge on building a website, advertising, building a funnel, tracking leads (if this sounds hocus pocus to you, remember that that was exactly where I started).

At first, I was just ‘consuming‘ the information (following step-by-step training often not really grasping what I did) and executing the steps.

At many points, I got frustrated because I faced challenges. I had to surrender to the fear of not being able to solve it myself and giving up. And change my attitude towards resourcefulness.

And I am so happy I did. This ultimately led to understanding the steps and the process. And more recently I noticed how I grew in this mindset.

I now enjoy helping others to find solutions for the challenges they face. Challenges I had just overcome as I am one step ahead in my journey.

Helping others might be on small things, by replying to a Facebook question for example. But for me, it is also showing how I build the life that I want to live by promoting education from the Six Figure Mentors.

keep moving despite fears
keep moving despite fears

My most recent step

I just spoke to one of my SFM members, who signed up for the digital education I am advertising for. But I was reluctant to make this phone call because I was insecure. Thinking ‘who am I to talk about building an online business while I am still on this path to financial freedom’. At first, I did not have the correct phone number. It almost stopped me…

But I reached out, got the right number. And then I had to do it, step out of my comfort zone to grow and deliver value to others. No surprise that he was actually really happy that I took the effort to call him! And that I listened to him about what he was facing in life and why he wanted a better life for him and his family.


So take action, be resourceful. It will drive you closer to your goals. For me, times to wait for others to solve my problems and change my life are over for good!

So, my question for you, are you resourceful?
And if so, how did this change your life?