Starting a business on your own terms is appealing. But stepping out of your comfort zone and learning new skills can be frightening.

You know that if you put time and money in learning the wrong skills, it will leave you frustrated. Even worse, you might learn skills in a wrong way. And you might even give up your dream!

I completely get it. When I started, I had no idea about marketing nor had any digital skills! 

In this article, I going to teach you the 3 steps it takes to build the skills and mindset to set up an online business and get your first sale online!



Step 1:

Learn about the endless possibilities of internet


Do you acknowledge that internet has changed the world we live in?

Watch this video of Stuart Ross, one of the founders of The Six Figure Mentors, telling about the vast amount of opportunities internet has brought us.

Step 2:

Find the best digital marketing education


Do you see now is that there is a vast amount of opportunities out there?

But you might simply lack the knowledge how and where to to start…. Or unsure whether you have what it takes to build the right skills and make this work for you.

Here are some testimonials from others who have followed the same digital marketing education from The Six Figure Mentors. And they explain how this education helped them build the life and business they love!


Amy Taylor


Amy had an established career as a travel agent in London, UK. She decided she’d had enough of the corporate rat race and knew in her heart there had to be a better way. Having joined SFM, 18 months on, Amy has a new lease on life – growing her own Internet business and spending as much time as she likes with her loved ones. She says she now enjoys “generally doing exactly what I want to do – when I want, where I want and how I want.” Currently, Amy has packed her bags to escape the grey English weather and is now running her digital lifestyle business in Australia.

Ilan Ferdman


Ilan was once an investment banker, which meant long, stressful hours away from home. What he wanted most was a lifestyle that gave him the freedom to spend every day watching his beautiful children grow up. He explains: “Thanks to my mentors, thanks to the SFM Community, I’ve been able to build that kind of lifestyle for myself and then train thousands of others to do the same for themselves. So the question you really have to ask is not ‘What is a Digital Lifestyle?’, but ‘What would be the lifestyle that I want to create for myself, what would be the freedom that I want to fight to achieve – and then go and educate yourself around how to do that.” As Ilan also says, freedom means different things to different people, but what matters is that YOU get to choose.

Gregg and Fiona Scott


For many years, married couple Greg and Fiona led extremely busy lives working really hard in London – Greg was a Project Manager, Fiona a Chartered Accountant. They realised that they’d become stressed out and far from fulfilled, so they decided to take a leap of faith and quit their jobs: We love to travel,… We wanted a business where we could do what we like… and be passionate about what we’re doing… I’m now 49 and Greg is coming up to 51 – we’ve reinvented, re-skilled and re-educated ourselves… Now we can run our lifestyle around our business and not the other way around.” Greg and Fiona are, but you can be sure they’re in a gorgeous, sunny part of the world as they continue to run their affiliate marketing business.

Step 3: Grow your skills and mindset.


SFM is a proven business system that gives you the step-by-step education you need to set up a successful online business.

Even if you start completely from scratch! They help you build digital skills. But they also teach you how to grow the mindset needed to succeed. In addition, they have an awesome support team and the SFM community is unique in supporting your journey in many ways. 

Watch my video here to see how I went from a complete digital nitwit to my first sale online.

In Summary


My education from The Six Figure Mentors started in October 2018. And as I said, I had no relevant digital or marketing skill whatsoever. And less than 5 months later I made my first  sale online! 

I believe that everyone can build the life and business they want, provided that you are willing to put in the effort it takes *.

Watch the same FREE video series I watched, where Stuart and others show you  how you can start a successful online business from scratch!

*Individual results vary. My results are no guarantee for those of others!