What do you do to discover your inner resources? And to increase the trust in yourself?

Self-reliance as principle hit me again after last weekend. I was at a festival based on the principles of Burning Man. And self-reliance is one of these 10 principles.

When I think about it, taking responsibility and putting trust into myself on what I want to accomplish was last year really a big theme in my life. In many different aspects.

How it was before

In life in general, I was always living the life I thought I needed to live.

Till I was overworked, and nearly reaching a burnout, now 2,5 years ago. I applied several strategies to reduce the stress. Including working at home 1 day a week, which was fortunately no problem in my position.

In addition, I tried not to work more hours than what I was paid for. Made sure that I spend evenings and weekends taking more time to things I love to do.

All were just short-term solutions provided by my rational mind. But I did see that only after last year, when ‘surfaced’ after a really tough time in my personal life.  

My awakening

The awakening process that I went through had put me through a roller coaster of emotions and events. Long story short, it made me aware that there is more than just one’s mind to analytically provide answers on how to live your life.

And that while your mind is good in providing safety and stability, it is also good in bringing in fear. Which prevents you from looking into unexploited areas of your life. I did not trust myself, I did not have a lot of self-reliance.

So I now dared to take a big step. And I started by increasing my self-reliance.

Daily meditation practise
Daily meditation practise to better listen to your feelings

How did I increase self-reliance?

  1. Accept responsibility.
    I accepted responsibility for myself. I realized that if I wanted to change my situation, it was me who needed to take action.
  2. Recognize feelings.
    This was a big one for me, really listening to your body, how you react physically and emotionally to triggers. And then accepting them. It brought me so much more wisdom than only my mind could provide me. Meditation was key in this.
  3. Let go of what others think of you.
    Another big one, still working on that. Once I realized that I was living my life to the expectations of others, things started changing. Recognizing brules was an important first step in letting go.
  4. Learn new skills and grow.
    I started developing myself in various ways. I learned new practical skills (for example through the digital education of SFM) but also sharpened the saw mentally, emotionally, and spiritually (for example on Mindvalley)
  5. Improve health and fitness.
    Eating healthy food and exercising has always been important to me. But recently I changed some other habits and reduced my meat and alcohol intake considerably. And I feel much more empowered now.

To summarize

So self-reliance was very important for me to discover my inner resources. To trust myself, to grow, and live a much more happy life!

How self-reliant are you? Please share your thoughts on this in the comments below.