Do you let fear hold you back from living the live that you truly want?

Do you follow an established path, just because others tell you this is the best way?

Think again. Wake up and take control. The only one who can do this is you!




Fear in your life

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wake up to live the life of your dreams

Fear of being judged, fear of failure, fear of not being good enough.

I all recognise them. But you can overcome these fears, by finding your intrinsic motivation and purpose in life.



How to overcome?

Watch others who have achieved what you like to achieve. Get inspiration from great leaders and mentors.

Develop yourself, your mindset and your skills.

Think about what you really want, change your circumstances and make your dreams happen.


Swallow the fear, be courageous, trust in yourself, do not give up.

It takes time, dedication, commitment, to reach your goals.

But if you find your tribe, like-minded people that support you, you get the confidence to start this journey.

One foot ahead of the next, one step at the time.




Have a look at this inspirational movie from The Wakeup Company. And realise that you have a choice!

In another blog I describe how I found my tribe, and got the support I needed in this journey.