Today I got some great wisdom from a video I watched.

It took it from an interview of Jay Shetty by Vishen Lakhiani, founder of Mindvalley. You can find the video here.

And after watching I decided to start a new series of blogs. Coming weeks I will post -every Wednesday- a golden nugget from a person that inspires me.

Jay Shetty

Jay lived as a monk for 3 years. Today he is a storyteller and a viral content creator. His mission is to spread knowledge through entertainment, something he calls ‘making wisdom go viral’.

His mission is to change the world in a way that is easy to digest and to reach more people. And his outreach is big, with over 20 million followers.

His way of turning messages into a story that’ll impact the masses is really inspiring. Have look for yourself here.

My nugget from Jay

My nugget from the interview is about something I have been struggling with since I decided that – in order to be more fulfilled- I needed to change my life.

And that is how to deal with family and friends on this journey of self-development.

Inspire by your own transformation

A question that Jay was asked in this interview was: “Would you leave them (family and friends) behind? Or would you teach them what you learned?”

Jay’s answer was that family and friends will be inspired or impacted by our transformation. And not by our education. Each of us can set an example, and others will see how that works on you.

My experience

And this hit me. I have made several mistakes while traveling this road. One of them was that I looked down at those who were not willing to invest in themselves. I became arrogant.

I now learned that everyone travels at their own pace. And if they decide to stay at a certain place for a while, it is not up to others to judge or to kick them in the ass.

You can just open the gate and show them how it looks at the other side. But don’t get into their way.

Remember, someone has been waiting for you all along as well. Without judgment. A mentor, teacher, guide, or family member patiently waited till you were ready for the next step.

So become the best version of yourself. That will inspire others to do the same. And meet them where they are at, with love and compassion.

Who is inspiring you? Please share in the comments!