Landria Onkka is a spiritual life coach. And the award-winning author of the best seller ‘The Rooftop Christmas Tree’, which was turned into a television movie.

Landria’s journey

Before, Landria Onkka was working in the investment banking industry. Earning good money, but unfulfilled in what she did.

Thereafter, she got digital marketing training, from the same company I am currently following the training from.

She became a successful internet entrepreneur and has a popular YouTube Channel that helps to change peoples’ lives. Have a look at her latest YouTube movie, “You do not need approval from others” to learn some of her golden nuggets.

What inspires me about Landria Onkka

What inspires me about her is that she has found her voice after leaving her successful business 5-6 years ago. She has now built the business she loves and is able to live the life she wants while working on her business.

Digital lifestyle

I am using her as inspiration to find my own voice. How I can inspire others by sharing my story.

No one says it is easy. But as Landria explains, it is you who has to make the decision about how you would like to live your life. And if you keep doing the same thing you always did, and live in fear because of what others might say or think, you will always live the life of others.

Starting my journey in internet marketing has thought me the skills of how to set up a digital business. But more importantly, it also taught me the mindset of how I can become the best version of myself and take back control!

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