More and more, I see and hear people that are stuck in their heads. People that struggle, work very hard and face stress.

Achieving a goal gives only short time satisfaction. Soon, the rat race starts all over. Leaving them unfulfilled.

Their analytical mind has brought them where they are now. But they feel that there might be more to life than just working hard, more time for doing the things they truly love.

I can relate to that, as I have been in the same position. Till I got a wake-up call last year. And used that to start transforming my life. Now I am a recovering analytic 🙂

It was challenging. And often scary. As I was afraid of what others might think of me. And to leave things behind I worked so hard for.

But I realized that the only one who could change how I felt was me. To find the connection within, between my mind and my heart. And start doing what I truly love.

Masterclass Let go and take back control

I now feel that it is time to help others. By sharing my story I want to inspire and bring courage to those struggling with the same feelings of loneliness, unfulfillment and being stuck in a situation they don’t desire.

Taking responsibility for my own life and happiness was key to that. I increased my awareness by letting go of my beliefs, fears, beliefs, judgments, and even my identity. And this started transforming my life.

By letting go I gained back the control I desired. And started living the life I desire. 

On Monday, October 21, at 8.00 pm CET I will host a free masterclass for those who feel that there should be a better life for each of us. And that there is more to life than just working hard and using your analytical mind!

Click the link and register if you want to find out more!