Traveling alone gives you a lot of time for reflection. To ask yourself questions that remained unanswered for a long time.

Not because I did not ask them. But I had just too much fear to look really deep inside for the answers. Now I was ready to take the next step. By writing my life story.

I noticed that some answers just came. By letting go. Some I found in unexpected signs on my paths. Others from ‘aha’ moments. Some from gut feelings. Others when I was in connection with other people.

How I started writing my life story

When I started this trip, cycling for 3 weeks on my own, I made myself a promise. It was to write down my life story.

I started writing on the train to Warsaw, Poland. A train ride of about 14 hours. The way I approached it was writing with a (but not any particular) friend in mind.

How would I tell my story to someone I know? This gave me the opportunity to open up, without hiding certain aspects that I would not like to be known to some people in particular.

A week later, I finished the story, now 4 A4 pages long. And I shared it with a friend. From whom, looking back, I got the initial inspiration to write.

He wrote down the greaving process he went through after his wife died several years ago. And when he felt there was nothing to write anymore he started sharing it.

And he shared to support others going through a process of grieving. But also helped him to let others see the stages he went through personally. And where he was now.

I also shared my story with the founders of the School voor Eenzijn. I recond that some of their members might relate to the loneliness that was profoundly present in my life. And it might help them in one way or the other.

Cover ebook
cover ebook Helene’s life story

Life story next level

Both of them suggested translating it in Dutch although for different reasons. So that is what I did, and it became my ‘levensverhaal’.

It felt very healing to write this. But it also felt like a sort of closure to a period in my life. Not something that really had a definite end, but rather kind of wrapping up the things that happened. And I got the intrinsic feeling that now I was able to move on…

Full moon and letting go

And then the full moon came.

From a friend, I learned how to do a fire ceremony. The full moon has high energy and this is the perfect time for such ceremony.

On one piece of paper, I wrote down all the things that I wanted to release. All the fears I could not use anymore and wanted to let go.

And on another piece, I wrote down the things I want to welcome in my life. What I wanted to embrace in the next coming period.

I sat down by a fire on a campsite in Austria. After the other people I met had gone to bed I burned both papers. Sent everything into the universe.

What happened next

The next day my head felt clearer, I had a more light feeling. And suddenly, something popped into my mind.

My written life story was the perfect way of letting others know what happened last year to me after my awakening! To share what I have been afraid to share for more than a whole year: the spiritual experiences I had that made the solid ground under my feet disappear completely.

And it intrinsically felt the most appropriate to start this process by sharing the story with my ex-partner. Unfortunately, I have always been too afraid to tell him about the clairsentience I had. Out of fear, to be judged, rejected, laughed.

But now that I was ready to share my story with the world, I would only be respectful to him to give him at least the opportunity to read it. So that is what I did. And it felt exactly the way it should be.

Without any expectations. Without any fear of any type of response. Just for the energetic embodiment of who I am. An analytical thinker with spiritual experiences, now ready to let go of the fear of what others think of her.

My life story is now available for download as well. Please provide your name and email address and I am happy to share it for free of course.