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This ebook contains my life story. How I became who I am today. From an analytical thinker who got a wake up call at the age of 44. And her only way to take back control over her life was to let go. Letting go of fears, worries, beliefs, and identity. It was scary, but life on the other side – where heart and brains are connected – is so much more beautiful!

I would be very grateful if you are willing to read my story. It might give you some inspiration how you can find a better balance and live a mor fulfilling life.

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This ebook has been written for the analytical thinker who wants to live a happier and more fulfilling life. You believe deep down inside that this should be possible, but you have no idea how such life exactly looks like, let alone how to achieve it.

Let me tell you, I have been in exactly that position. And I needed a serious wake-up call to show me that there is more to life than just using your analytical mind to achieve a what you want. With my life story I want to inspire you that a fulfilling and happy life is also possible for you!