My sabbatical leave started a week ago. I am traveling for 5 days now. Biking through Poland, Germany, and Austria. And for the first time in probably 20 years: all by myself.

What did it bring me so far:

1. Freedom. I have the complete freedom to go anywhere I like to go. Eat, sleep, bike, repeat. Everything the way I like it. Letting go of expectations of others.

2. Trust in me. I have the skills, the mindset and the will to be adventurous and discover the world without anyone ‘holding my hand’. Letting go of the idea that I need others to survive.

3. More trust in the process of letting go. Every day I post on Instagram an honest post on how my day was. Letting go of what others think about me.

Warsaw-city in Poland
Warsaw-city in Poland

What did I learn so far

1. I have all the skills I need to travel and survive on my own. For example, Poland is a beautiful country, but challenging when it comes down to finding proper cycling roads (something between 100km/h roads and muddy mountain bike tracks 🙂

2. Being outdoors and physically active helps to go out of my head. It helps me to ground better, live in the now, and prevent grinding. And it is also rewarding to reach a destination every day by physical power.

3. I really need a goal each day. To get a sense of satisfaction, it can be big or small. At the same time, the goal is not written in stone, and I can easily let it go when it does not feel ok anymore.

4. I enjoy being on my own. This is something that I kind of knew. I really need time with no people around me. But saying this after 5 days of not having people around me that know me only confirms.

Krakow-city in Poland

What is still challenging

1. Letting go of my analytical head. I noticed especially when I am not on the bike and had no goal for the day, my mind tends to grind, plan, think about options, choices…and I stop living in the now.

2. Let synchronicity do its work and dare to listen to my intuition when it comes to making choices, meeting people, etc.

3. Really taking time every day to tune into myself. To sit and meditate, not believing that cycling is ‘sort of meditation’ and using it as an excuse. Because both of them clearly have different benefits.

Is there anything that you want to let go of? And would adventure help to do so?