Awareness is the knowledge or perception of a situation. Self-awareness is your ability to be mindful of what you are doing and understand why you are doing it.

Life is often hectic. And it can get in the way of really paying attention to yourself. To observe your reaction patterns, verbally, emotionally, and physically to triggers. This blog is about how to create awareness around the triggers that cause distress.

What is triggering you?

Situations affect our behavior, our happiness, our lives. They can make you happy, sad, worried, anxious, etc. Responses to triggers are based on previous experiences and on how we feel today.

Are you aware of your responses?

Not every person responds the same to a trigger based on the stories they have. For example, some of us respond very defensively to an aggressive person, while others get aggressive, or are ‘only’ annoyed.

Have you ever consciously observed your reaction to certain types of situations? You likely find a pattern if you do so. So give yourself some time to think about your reactions. Asking why you react like that is important and necessary.

Verbal or emotional reactions

How do you respond when you react from default mode? Your instant reaction tells a lot about the underlying stories you have. Do you feel victim of a particular situation? Do you start crying, shouting, or do you walk away when a certain topic is brought up?

Physical reactions

Most people have ‘a weak spot’, the place in your body that becomes painful or irritated when you have distress. Think about headache, stomach pain, or back pain. Once you become aware of your physical response to stimuli, it will help you notice your distress. Often earlier than your brain is telling you that something is not ok.

But thinking is not knowing.

Thinking is not knowing. Moreover, it does not drive you towards the release of your distress. Ask yourself questions like: What is important to me? What can I do to change the situation?

Such questions empower you to take back control. Don’t be the victim, take responsibility for your own happiness and create self-awareness!

Do you have tips that helped you to create self-awareness? Please share them in the comments.