Do you feel you have unique expertise that others could benefit from? But you doubt whether you are enough of an expert to market your knowledge?

Teaching is the best way of marketing!

The truth is, everyone has unique skills and expertise and is thus qualified to teach others! No matter at what level you are at.


Why should you care about teaching others?

Watch the video below from T. Harv Eker in which he tells why teaching is the most effective way to get RICH… and why you NEED to be teaching others what you know and love.

The benefits of teaching what you know

  • To build and promote your brand and business
  • For developing your network of customers, buyers, and business contacts
  • To be perceived as an “expert”
  • For leveraging your potential customers, and thus money streams

Everyone can teach others what they know

Especially when you teach based on your own personal experiences, teaching is an extremely powerful way of bringing your value into the world.

When I took back control after receiving my life’s wake up call, I realised I could help others taking back control of their lives by teaching them how to do it!

So Now You Know Why Teaching Is Powerful… But Where to Start?

T. Harv Eker, the author of the best selling book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, created a FREE web class called: Teach and Get Rich How To Earn $100,000 Or More In A Single Weekend Teaching What You Know And Love.

It is when he became financially free, he developed this program to teach others how to do it. And he made a lot of money doing it!

Harv’s mission was to help others become world-class trainers and use teaching as a method to grow their business.

My mission is to help others take back control of their lives through self-leadership and personal development. And after watching Harv’s FREE web class I realised that I am qualified and can reach the most people by teaching!

What the FREE web class “Teach and Get Rich” teaches you

  • How to become a world-class trainer and confident speaker
  • The exact strategy that small businesses, professionals, entrepreneurs, coaches, and authors use to double and triple their business revenue every year
  • 9 critical (but super simple) secrets that turn a beginner speaker into a pro speaker…
  • And much, much more!

So currently I writing my own teaching program! It is very exciting. Scary, but I also feel that I can help a lot of people with this. Thinking from the perspective that I would have loved to find a teacher when I was at that point….I now believe that teaching is the best way of marketing anything!

Click here and reserve your spot for the FREE web class “Teach and Get Rich”

If you want to take it one step further, Harv designed a program called The Secrets of the Millionaire Trainer.

Here, you will learn how to write and design your training, and write a program that you can leverage use for different audiences

Here you can sign up for the 7 weeks program “The Secrets of the Millionaire Trainer

So have you ever taught of what you could teach others? And if not, why not? I’d love to hear your response in the comments!

A blog on how to find my motivation tells about my experience with one of the other programs from T. Harv Eker.