One day baby, we’ll be old 
Oh baby, we’ll be old 
And think of all the stories that we could have told

This song keeps on popping in my head the last days. It reminds me that it is never too late to share your story. I believe everyone has a story that is worth being told.  

Think of all the stories that we could have told.

Storytelling is part of our being. It is common to every culture.

It is a way of learning. Listeners will remember the pictures they make from your story more than the words you used to describe them.

By storytelling you engage your audience, you get a deeper emotional connection.

Become vulnerable

When I started to write the blogs on my website I felt extremely vulnerable.

In the beginning, I was holding back. I faced the fear of being judged.

Then I realized that the stories I have are who I am today. Not daring to share them would be denying myself.

So I decided to embrace the fear. I have now built the habit of posting several times a week.

The way I express myself changed, but also how others perceive me.

Inspire others

I now inspire others with my stories. And I listen and read stories of others and these help me learn and grow.

I believe everyone has stories that can inspire others.

Do you dare to be vulnerable and tell yours?