Stress has nothing to do with how many hours you work. It has all to do with how you feel during these hours. And whether you are truly doing what you love!  

This blog is about three myths about stress at work.

Myth 1: Stress at work is natural. It means you are important and it pushes you forward.

When being a professional, whether in business or academia, you likely have experienced stress. When you are not stressed, you feel that you work not hard enough. Or you do not feel important for your organization.

But it is NOT normal. Stress is bad time management. Your tasks are not fitting to your time schedule. Your performance goes down in the long run. Chronic stress affects your physical well-being. And give it a thought, are you mentally happy when you have stress?

Myth 2: Stress is caused by working too many hours.

If you feel unfulfilled, inadequate, or unappreciated, you will notice stress. It does not matter whether you work only a few hours a day, or many hours. On the contrary, if you work very long days, but doing something that is meaningful to you and others, you will not experience stress. Doing what you truly love, have fun, and be supported by those surrounding you, is a recipe for no stress.

Myth 3: Stress will go away once you accomplished that particular task or got that desired promotion.

Believing that you will be fulfilled and happy once you reach a certain position, higher salary, or larger house, for example, is a myth. Of course, working hard for a while to reduce a pile of work or reaching a particular deadline is no problem. But chasing happiness through reaching the next, and the next, and the next level will leave you only happy for a while. A few months or years later, you will likely be unfulfilled again and chase the next goal.

So why do YOU have stress?

Do you work hard because everyone does it?

Or do you because you want to achieve more financial freedom or more power?

Do you want to proof yourself or get the approval of others?

book your passion
book your passion

Focus on what gives you peace and energy

If you are done with living an unfulfilled life chasing happiness, raising your awareness of body signals might be a good start. Our physical body gives plenty of signals, but we often do not listen to them. Because our minds keep on telling us stories, why we should work so hard. That we have no choice for the above reasons.

But I honestly believe these are bullshit rules. That is what I found out when I started listening to my body, my underlying emotions, and my intuition. It was me being unhappy in a situation and chasing happiness in a way that had not, and would not, lead to fulfillment.

Start doing the things you truly love. Spending time with your loved ones. Making time for your hobbies. Connect your mind and your heart and find where your true passion lies.

You have a choice

You choose, whether you want to feel stressed the remainder of your life or not. Take self-responsibility, step up and raise your awareness, when you are in a position that is not fulfilling you!

If you feel that you cannot escape your job? Then I would suggest you have a read here. There are opportunities to build the life and business you desire that you can start without previous knowledge.