Are there not enough hours in your day to do all the things you want to do?

Here are 3 tips how to ‘create’ more time in your day, a few extra hours, every day!

  1. Limit watching tv (or social media).

On average people spend several hours of tv each day. Not always watching high quality programs, right?

If you want to be more efficient, and reach that ultimate goal you have in mind, stop wasting so much of your valuable time.

I stopped watching TV completely last year, and gained more than one hour each day. This one hour is still screen time for me, now spend on digital education. I learn from mentors digital marketing and personal development. And I have acquired skills that I would never have imagined a year ago!

  1. Get up early every morning

Ok, this one might not be your favourite… But it is a great way to easily add another hour to your day. To make this into a habit, I belief it is crucial to define your WHY very clearly. This why – the benefit- should be bigger than the pain it causes to hear that alarm and actually step out of your bed.

Nowadays I wake-up around 5 am every morning, even without alarm. My big WHY is to start the day in the best possible way, which includes for me meditation, yoga, and journaling time with morning tea.

  1. Combine activities

Me combining early morning exercise with listening to an audiobook

Me listening to an audiobook while doing my early morning exercise

Smartly combining things is yet another strategy to gain time in a day.

One great way to do this is using headphones. Listening to audiobooks can perfectly be combined by things that do not require a lot of brain power

My recently bought AirPods from Apple gave me the flexibility to study and exercise at the same time. But also cleaning, cooking, or working in the garden can easily be combined with listening to audio.

Another great combination is spending time with friends with exercise, being in nature, etc. It has the advantage that you will be held accountable for doing those things at the same time.

So if you are hardworking, but always feel like you are behind schedule
consider one the above tips. You can easily ‘create’ 3 hours to your day, making you more efficient!

Bonus tip:

When you are doing online – audio or video- education, many tracks can be played at (slightly) higher speed. 1.25x will still result in good audio and you can learn 1.25x times as much in the same time!