Fight food waste, save great food!

I have been raised in a household where there was not a lot of money. And so I have been taught never to throw good food away.

But a third of the food in the world is wasted. Every day! Are you aware of that? And do you care?


Personally I do care. A lot!  And not only from money perspective.

It is a waste of energy, of resources, of good products. Products that are just thrown away because we buy too much, supermarkets and bakeries cannot sell it anymore because of the best-before date, etc…





Here are my 3 tips to reduce food waste


Tip 1: Buy and prepare food thoughtfully


Only cook what you will be able to finish in 1 meal. That’s what I do 9-out-of-10 times.

And sometimes I cook a bit more…on purpose.

Then, I freeze it down to have a healthy homemade meal for times when I have less time (or energy) to cook.

In addition, I really take care not to buy too much fresh foods. Risk is that if you stock up, you might not feel like eating a particular food in the next days. Or do not eat at home as much as you thought. And before you know it, you will have to throw things away.


Tip 2: Recycle

Billy the pig loves to recycle

Billy the pig loves to recycle

Make the best use of left overs. From unprepared food, you can be creative and make a soup or a salad. Together with some bread it is a perfect meal. There are many websites where you can search for recipes from leftover for example here.

Or, as mentioned in the previous tip, think ahead and freeze some food for a day you are at home late!

Related to recycling, I have the full support of my friends in the garden! Billy the pig and 6 chickens are always eager to help me finding a good purpose for green waste and left over rice, bread or paste!

I realise that having animals in the garden is not for every household, but I decided to include it to give you a bit of insight in my life!


Tip 3: Too good to go – app

Yesterday, I used this app for the first time.Do you know the principle? Here’s a video explaining it.



And I love it!

I spent 4 euro for a bag with food that was worth 12 euro. Have a look at the picture for what I got!

Too good to go bag from AH-The Netherlands

Too good to go bag from Albert Heijn-The Netherlands

All had the expiry data of today, but as products do not turn bad in a few hours, I still ate the remaining the day after.

So I basically had dinner, lunch, and another dinner for 1 person for 4 euro. If you are more persons than just you, it’s even easier.

It is always a surprise what you get. 

One thing I was wondering about. And that is meat.

Recently I decided to reduce meat consumption as much as possible. Now eating maximum 100 grams meat per week.

But my Too good to go- bag contained several items containing meat.

So the question I ask myself now is: am I willing to eat more meat, because otherwise it would thrown away anyway? Or will I stick more to  principles and next time ask when they fill the bag (because that is what they did on the spot) to leave out meat products?

I did not decide yet….

So what are your tips to reduce food waste? Would love to hear them in the comment box!