One of the most inspiring persons I came across since I started this journey is Vishen Lakhiani, founder of MindValley

Vishen is:

“on a mission to raise human consciousness. I founded Mindvalley with the goal of bringing together the world’s top educators under one platform […]  Under the Mindvalley umbrella, we have launched a variety of learning tools and platforms that have helped millions around the world experience personal transformation.”

Mindvalley is a global company in transformational education. They have products focused on personal spiritual development and lifelong learning.

The company was founded in 2002, and now has ~300 employees from 54 countries. It has 3 million students and aiming for 1 billion.

Why does Vishen inspire me?

1. He believes in what he does

He once started the company by teaching meditation. At a time when it was not that common like it is now. But he believed in it, as he experienced himself its benefits.

Vishen now finds the best teachers in each aspect of life. He learns from great minds and teaches that to others through Mindvalley.  

2. He does what it takes to become the person he wants to be.

He has taken the steps needed to put his goals into tangible actions. It all starts with unlocking one’s mind, and he started with himself.

His vision to reach 1 billion people is bold. But that was also the target of 1 million, while he has now reached 3 million students. Dream big, play big!

3. He focuses on changing the world through education

He believes that a person can only realize their fullest potential when they’re in a constant state of growth. And growth comes through learning.

The regular path brought him nowhere.

Till he experienced that there is more than western education. And after it changed his life, it is now changing the lives of others.

4.He has a clear vision for the future of humanity

His vision holds global unity between all people. Inspired by Charles Darwin, who stated already in 1971 that expansion of the circle of compassion brings hope for humanity.

And Vishion’s mission in life is to fuel that hope. Which is extremely inspiring for me!

A final personal note

Through personal development, I took back control over my life. Amongst others through Mindvalley courses. It took a while to realize that this is a life-long journey. But I now happily embrace this and see, feel, and experience the benefits on a daily basis.

Have a look at the free courses at Mindvalley. Which one do you like?