The biggest concern for any organisation should be when

passionate people become quiet – Tim McClure

Time for some reflection. Do you have a senior position and notice that once very passionate employees ‘become quiet’?  Or maybe you are such employee, once highly motivated but now having less and less inspiration?

Tim McClure, Professional Speaker and Brand and Leadership Consultant, noted: “The biggest concern for any organisation should be when their most passionate people become quiet”.

The participation, creativity and ideas of highly motivated people are of critical importance for a company. They help to build a positive and inspirational setting for others. And they might serve as mentors. In addition, they help in growing the business, and bring that positive energy that a company needs to build its character.

What happens if the once most motivated employees become quiet? Tim McClure also said: “Passion is contagious … so is not having it”.

So as a result, more negative energy drips into the culture of the organisation. And the working environment becomes more and more dysfunctional.

build leadership and keep passionate people involved

build leadership and keep passionate people involved




Reasons for ‘quietness’ of typically motivated employees: 



  1. Lack of trust: Integrity – being honest and act upon your moral values – is essential in any relationship. And of critical importance for leaders in a work environment. Distrust of people leads to negative atmospheres with negative energy spiralling off to all employees.
  2. Lack of attention and appreciation: To feel appreciated, it is important to feel being listened to. Feeling that your contribution is recognised. Appreciation can come into many forms. But surely selfishness of leaders, for example taking all credits, does do wrong here.
  3. Lack of information and communication: Withholding information to keep power or failing to communicate important and less important information breeds distrust and employees feel worthless.
  4. Lack of vision: Without clear sense of direction for the company, also employees lose their focus and energy to work on a shared future.

Time for reflection. Do you recognise any of these reasons? And see whether they cause quietness  in your employees, or maybe in yourself?

Quietness is an alarm!  Take up that leadership, as the the origin in the lack of passion often lies in leadership inappropriateness, neglect or selfishness!